Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vacation bummer

I just got back from the dentist - no cavities but I do need two crowns (I had many cavities when I was much younger). $2200, not covered by insurance. Yikes. At least I'll be back at work next week, so that'll cover costs, right?

Wrong. It seems there was a directive sent down from headquarters that all stores had to cut payroll. It doesn't matter that our store was $30,000 under budgeted payroll. We still have to reduce. Which means I work two days next week, and no days the week after. Another vacation, only it won't be paid. I'm upset but not too badly. Yes, I would like the money so I can fix my teeth, but if it had to happen, now is a good time. I have no day care cost right now, my dear friend is expecting her 2nd child any day now, hubby will be away and I'll be able to get things done during the day, and the weather is very mild and pleasant so I can enjoy myself outside.

Plus, we've always budgeted on hubby's salary alone, that way in case things like this happen we would not be in trouble. Many of my friends laugh at me for this, but I'm frugal for a reason. We had this sort of thing happen 2 times before and we learn from our experiences. So, I'm going to go plant some flowers, weed my garden, and just in general enjoy my day.


Envoy-ette said...

Good for you! You are very smart with your money..and have a great outlook on your vacation time. Sorry about the teeth though. So glad you are taking care of that as well! Teeth and knees...very important to our health.

kilgorsky said...

I admire your approach to the whole situation. Wish my wife was able to budget.