Sunday, March 26, 2006

To TP or not to TP

Tell me something, faithful readers, have you ever toilet papered (TP'd) a house? Was it a friends or someone you did not like?
I ask this question as this past Saturday, my neighbor's across the street were visited by some nocturnal female guests, those who were carrying armfuls of Charmin'. Number one son was kind enough to notify me of these actions, as was watching from his bedroom window. Of course, he was supposed to be sleeping, but that is neither here nor there. So I, the perpetual nosy neighbor who can not mind her own business walk across the street, up to one of the girls and say, "So, what do you think you are doing?" She drops here TP and starts to tell one of the other girls to get down from the tree she is in. The leader of the group, a girl who lives 2 doors down, tells me her sage - one of being wronged, cheatin' boyfriend JR and revenge.
Now, I don't see anything necessarily evil about the act of TPing a house, but I knew my neighbor would. She moved here from a different country and has different beliefs, values, and ideas about what is appropriate for children to do or not do. I told the girl that I understood where she was coming from, but if Jr's mom asked me who did it, I would tell her. The girl couldn't understand why I would do such a thing. I tried explaining how Jr's mom would be the one cleaning it up, how it wouldn't be fair to her, etc. The girls got the glossy eyed looked teens get when listening to an adult and then promptly took off.
Needless to say, Jr.'s family came home, they knocked on our door to see if we knew what happened, we told, Jr's mom and dad then went to the girl's house to tell her mom. It took those girls over 2 hours to clean up the mess. I hope they learned their lesson.


Envoy-ette said...

Ha! You did warn them! (I'm THRILLED they had to clean it up!)Don't be surprise if your house is next though!!!

Envoy-ette said...
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Envoy-ette said...

Oh...I didn't TP anyone's house, but I did visit my English teacher with cut out construction paper feet from the "Foot Phantom" all over his English room. The principal caught me...and helped me finish the job. It was the English teachers first year at our school. That's something all 3 of remember! Oh yeah...I had to help pick them all up as well...but it was worth it! (and months later, a foot would pop up in the strangest places!)

Dawn said...

If it gets Tp'd, I think I know where to look for the trouble makers! I'm just worried about eggs come Halloween.