Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Running update

I know what you all are thinking, "Boy, that Dawn has been slacking in her postings. Does she think we'll just keep checking back until she posts again? We have lives too you know!" I understand, I do. I realize you are very busy folks who want to be entertained and are not getting the value for your buck that you signed up for. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about that; I'm on severe sleep deprivation, all of my own creation.
As you may recall, about 6 weeks back I started training for the Houston Marathon/Chevon half marathon. At the time, my running group decided that 4:30am runs were a smart idea. I have come to the conclusion that although it does get the running out of the way early in my day, it does cut into my beauty sleep. Heck, it cuts into my ugly sleep. As I sit here pondering if I would benefit from a 15 minute nap (and if I would actually get up) before I leave for work, I can't help but reflect on the benefits of sleep. Besides it's magical powers of energizing your body, I've also noticed that my lack of sleep leaves me with a brain lag of approximately 2 secs. So if I am asked a question, I get a blank stare on my face for a moment or two before I am able to respond in a coherent manner.
I could correct this problem several different ways. One, I could stop running at 4:30 am. I won't do this, since I've already committed myself and have trained this long. Two, I could go to bed before 11:00 pm at night. That is good in theory; however, every time I start to head to bed early I get distracted with chores or prepping for the next day. Three, I could nap during the day at work. I am seriously contemplating this one. I just have to find a quite corner that I can sequester myself into without anyone noticing. Or I could turn my computer screen so it blocks the view of my face from my coworkers and then I can prop my head in my hands as I slyly close my eyes for a few moments. I think I'll try this one today.


kilgorsky said...

LOL, I've never slept at work, though, there were days I was close.

Dawn said...

OK, I didn't actually go to sleep - it seemed like everyone had need of my sage advice and wisdom today.