Thursday, November 30, 2006

You don't need an education?

So, yesterday I received a rather disturbing email from my son's teacher, informing me that he had stopped doing all work this week and that when asked as to why, he replied, "I'm just not into school." She suggested we get together for a conference to discuss what can be done to get him to do his work. Although J tests at near genius level, he hates school and him being 8 and all, that hatred overwhelms any of his abilities to get work done.

When he came home, I calmly asked he'd gotten his work done, why hadn't he gotten it done (do you understand the directions, do you know how to do the problems, etc.) What it came down to was that he does not see the need for an education beyond third grade. Well, unluckily for him, I do. So, as part of his punishment for not doing his work , he is being made to do all the work around the house that someone without an education would do, in that that person would not be hired for anything other than type of job because he lacks an education.

I don't think he thought I was serious until we done with dinner. It was at the point when reminded him that if he didn't have an education, there's a good chance he'd be a busboy for life so he had better start clearing the table. He was also a dishwasher. And no, he didn't get to use an electric dishwasher, he had to do all the dishes by hand. This weekend he can look forward to pulling weeds and raking pine needles (yard man), scrubbing all three bathrooms (housecleaner) and whatever other chores I can think of to drive home the point of how important an education is.

UPDATE: As a note, I just received an email from his teacher telling me he did all his work today, got a 100 on some district test he took and he informed her that he knew how important it was for him to do his work.


Envoy-ette said...

WHAT A PLAN!!! Good for you! You handled that perfectly!

kilgorsky said...

Good for you for following through. I know too many people how throw threats around but never do anything about the acctual problem.