Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weekend fun

Are all my US readers enjoying their long weekend? Doing some shopping, perhaps catching a movie? I had plans, but as you may have already guessed they have been changed. Seems that besides catching the spirit of the season, my son has caught the stomach bug of the season. Oh lucky us. It started with growns of "I'm hungry, my belly hurts I'm so hungry" from behind his closed door at 10:30pm last night. I told him to go get something to eat if it was so bad that it was keeping him up. Next thing I know, there is a small voice from downstairs asking for help. Of course, I am upstairs preparing for bed so I yell back "what" without much thought. Then that small voice again "I puked all over the kitchen table" What?!? That took me downstairs in a hurry.

I won't describe the sight that awaited me, only that he was not wrong when he said all over the table. Ugh. And that was the start of a very long night for us...and now day. I've got several areas of carpet to clean, one bedroom wall, and a bathroom or two that will need severe disinfection. The only bright note - at least it is a weekend and we won't miss work or school.

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Envoy-ette said...

Hahahaha!!! Ah...parenthood! I believe it was probably worse then even I can imagine!