Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Since it is the holiday, we wanted to capture our memories, so that meant we bought batteries for the camera. As you can see above, that is my new and improved short haircut. I was going to post a side-by-side comparisson of a long-haired version of me, but there doesn't seem to be any around. Must be because I'm the one who takes the pictures during special events.

Our Christmas has been low key, with just the three of us enjoying our day together. To quote the boy, "this is the best Christmas ever, well at least until next year". That's my boy, always looking ahead to bigger and better things. The weather has been raw and rainy, but that is OK, since J got so many toys, we are having an adventure just putting them all together.

What did I get? Well, it is a long story, one that I should do justice by telling you of the troubles that went with it, so I think I'll hold off on telling you exactly what it is until I have time to sit down and write the whole story out. I'll just say this, Hubby gained multi-points with this gift.

I had been not feeling in the holiday spirit up until yesterday, when I realized what I was missing. It was quality time with my family. Work has been so hectic that I haven't had time step back and appreciate what I have. So yesterday, J and I made gingerbread cookies (with an amazingly easy recipe) for Santa, then we all watched some holiday classics and read from a book my mother-in-law had written for all the grandkids some years ago. Ahh, now I could feel the spirit. So, to those who've thought that I'v ebeen a bit "grinchy" this season, you are correct. However, I'm back on track to a more positive outlook.
Happy holidays everyone! May your hearts be filled both with joy and laughter, and love and friendship.


kilgorsky said...

Even though the picture is small, you can tell your hair is super thinck. Many people would love to have it, including me.

Dawn said...

Actually, I have very thin hair. It just goes to show you how a good haircut can be deceiving!