Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Table

If you come visit my home, you'll notice a lack of coherence in furniture styles throughout my home. We like to call it eclectic, but others say we are indecisive which isn't altogether true. Hubby and I are very decisive on the type of furniture we like, we just can't find it for sale anywhere. So our lack of style is due to picking up a piece of furniture here and there to "make do" until we find the right piece.
We've found that Ethan Allen seems to mesh well with our style, so when we are in the mood to furniture shop, we usually end of there. This is what we did last September, and we found a kitchen table that really worked for us. Unfortunately, at the time it did not really work with our budget, so we decided to wait a bit. Right after Thanksgiving, we decided to return to the store to get the table - it was to be out gift to each other for Christmas. It would be something both of us liked and also meant no running around looking for gifts. A win-win situation.
Once we arrived at the store and perused the furniture we noticed the table was no longer on the floor. After walking around trying to find a sales associate who was not busy on her cell phone, we finally went to the front desk to get some help. I pointed out in their catalogue the table we wanted, and a sales clerk was ready to show us the table. When we told her we didn't need to see the table, that we were ready to buy it, you could see her eyes light up. We sat down to do the paperwork, and as she typed away on her computer we heard her make discouraging noises. "Hmm, that's odd, we don't seem to have any in stock, let me check our warehouse, nope not there, let me check the other computer, hmm, not there either". This went on for a bit, until she finally broke the news to us - there were no more of these tables available since they were discontinued and there were no floor models available anywhere in Texas. She tried to steer us towards a different table, but it was one that had already said no to. We consider some bedroom furniture they have, but decide not to get anything that day. We left the store, rather discouraged and faced with the daunting task of having to figure out what to get each other for Christmas.
Well, a week before Christmas, my husband tells my son to get my gift out of its hiding place. I'm handed a wrapped book-like package, which is rather puzzling - why do I need to open this before Christmas? J is having a panic attack, insisting to hubby that I shouldn't be opening it yet, and I'm agreeing. Finally, hubby forces me to open it. It is an Ethan Allen catalogue. My heart skips a beat, I look up at hubby "What?!? How?!?!" Back to the catalogue, there is a sticky note in it - you guessed it, he found my table!! It was being delivered that Saturday, so he figured I had to open my present early since I would notice a new table in the house.
It seems that for the past few weeks he has been calling stores trying to locate this table. He had one that was literally sold out from under him as he was talking to a sales associate. Then he found mine. It was a floor model, so there was a scratch in it, but he didn't care (nor did I). He had them hold it so he could check it out. The scratch could be buffed out, so he got it. The second part of my present was the cost of it - because it was scratched, because it was a floor model and because it was a discontinued model at that he got it 70% off!
I knew there was a reason why I married that man!

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