Friday, February 23, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies

Do you know what time of year it is? No, not spring or Mardi Gras; it is Girl Scout cookie delivery time. The time of year where I realize that I ordered cookies from half the know universe of Girl Scouts and they all happen to deliver on the very same day, the day I have absolutely no cash (ok, that is everyday) and have run out of checks with which to pay them.

For those of you who have not had Girl Scout cookies, I offer you my condolences; however, let me explain them to you. These cookies come out once a year and are offered in a variety of flavors that are not available anywhere else in the known universe. The range of flavors goes from shortbread to peanutbutter patties to lemon cremes to carmel delights to thin mints. I don't care if you find a variety of cookie like this in the supermarket - it is not the same! My personal weakness happens to be the thin mints. I eat them a sleeve at a time (there are two sleeves in the entire package). I usually don't start off eating them with that intention, it just happens. I tell myself I will only have one serving (4 cookies), but then I look down and realize I ate all 4 without truly enjoying them. So, I have one more, but then realize that will leave an incomplete serving of cookies for next time. Then I decide to finish off that serving, but that leaves only 4 cookies in the sleeve and I would hate to have them go stale so I eat them too.
Yes, I know I should stop eating them, but they have a power over me that is unbelievable. I often wonder if there is a "secret ingredient" added to them to make them so addictive.


wally said...

Our grand daughter is a Girl Scout so of course we bought a lot of them. The thin mints are my favorite too. Dorothy and I have been attempting to eat healthy so we only eat one serving. For some of those cookies, that's only two. It's hard to resist.

Envoy-ette said...

One year, I bought 22 boxes. They didn't last long, as they are addictive. Now, I can only afford 2 boxes...and the thin mints are the PICK!