Thursday, March 01, 2007


Now that the weather is warming up, every time I go outside I see someone working on their yard. They are mulching and weeding, tilling and planting, and just making their yards more presentable. Then I look at my yard. I have a flower bed that has a figure 8 shape, and it is pathetic. All of the mulch from last year has long ago decomposed, the plants that once flowered vigorously are now just dead sticks poking out of the ground. There are some daylillies and a rose bush which still live, but they make it look worse, since the green from them accents the decrepit state of the rest of the flowerbed. Plus, my wild bluebonnets are starting to sprout, and they look like weeds until they flower.
I plan to do some work on it this weekend, but I need inspiration. I usually have a color theme, but this year that won't work because the lillies are yellow and the rosebush is ...well, I don't know since I got it on clearance last year and planted it after it had already bloomed. Anyone have suggestions on flowers that will tolerate the hot Texas sun and that like clay as their growing medium?


Anonymous said...

Purple Coneflowers thrive in my summer garden, also Salvias do well. The come in white, red, and purple and put on quite a display.
Wally (I tried several times to post a comment using my own username but Blogger is just no cooperating tonight)

Dawn said...

I always thought coneflowers were daisies. Live and learn

kilgorsky said...

I'm a concrete jungle kid, can't help with this one.