Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ghouls and goblins

I must rant about the quality of trick-or-treaters I saw at my door this year. The first person to ring my door - two teenagers, neither dressed or even pretending to be anything. Halloween is a holiday for little kids to get dressed up in costumes, not for older kids to demand candy as if it were their God given right. We had about the half the number of people come by as they did last year, which could be because there was a cold rain falling.
Still, if you ring the door at my house you need a costume, or quick imagination if you want some candy. I would pose the question and statement, "What are you? You are not getting anything if you can't at least come up with a good excuse." (I do this every year and have been lucky not to be egged by anyone as of yet.) Some, since they had their letter jackets on, said they were athletes, which although a lame idea, is at least an idea. One kid was with a friend who did dress up. The friend was Zoro, and the kid in regular clothes? He was Zoro's secret identity. I gave him 2 pieces of candy for that.


Envoy-ette said...

You are right! No custom...no candy! Isn't that like a law or something?

wally said...

If I showed up in my old postal uniform would I get candy?

Dawn said...

Wally, I gave my UPS guy some, so you would definitely qualify.