Saturday, November 19, 2005

Snow day

Here in southern Texas, we do not get to see snow, it is just too warm. However, one day out of the year our home owners association has a "snow day". They truck in a machine like the ones that are used by ski resorts and make snow for the kids to enjoy. It usually is for only a few hours, since by the end of the event the snow has tuned to slush.
Today was snow day. There are different types of joy one can experience during his life, and I think playing in the snow ranks high on the list. We moved here from New England, so we are used to feet upon feet of snow, but to see the smile on my son's face as he ran to the small 2 inch layer of icy slush snow was priceless.
Never have I been one for snowball fights, as a child I was the one who would run and tell mom when my brother and his friends were throwing snowballs. However, today I could not have been happier than when I was being pelted by icy snowballs. Hearing my son' evil manical laughter just before the thump of a snowball had me laughing hysterically. Even the snow down the back of my pants (a tradition in our family - get snow down other members necks and pants), which made me look like I had a bladder control problem once it melted, was almost enjoyable.
To follow the theme of a cold winters day, the HOA also provided hot chocolate, coffee and lemonade. While we were waiting in line, I heard the server tell the folks in front of us there was no more hot chocolate. As I was preparing my son for this disappointment, mentioning how lemonade would be just as good and that we could make hot chocolate at home; one of the servers said to us "I think there is enough for one more cup if you are willing to wait a moment". So the little guy got his hot chocolate after all. It was a really nice ending to a great time.


wally said...

That sounds like fun. The best part is that it's gone soon. Living just north of you, we get 2-3 snow days a year. Just enough for the grand kids to play in, and then in a few days it's gone. And now that I'm retired and don't have to drive on it or stay out in the cold all day, I'm looking forward to some snow.

kilgorsky said...

We get regular winters and, I guess, I take snow for granted. Would I miss it if I lived someplace else? I don't know.

Envoy-ette said...

In Arizona...we got a few HOURS of snow one day. The morning teachers would let us run on the baseball field and throw snow balls and make snow angels. That is my most vivid memory of Jr. High....a snow morning. Hope thoughtful of your neighborhood to do that for the kids there.