Sunday, November 27, 2005


I can finally fit myself behind the computer again, now that Thanksgiving dinner has finished digesting. It was a very nice time and even though it was at someone elses home, with none of the food I grew up having for Thanksgiving, it was still delicious. Plus we had good company with whom to enjoy the meal. I'm thankful I have our friends who invite us to every family holiday get together they have. We would be very lonely without them. I have got to make sure we don't piss them off, especially around the holidays!
I did not get to go out "Black Friday" shopping until much later in the night. Hubby had to work and I had to do taxes for the school PTO. OK, I am never being the treasurer again for any organization. 21 forms printed out by the time I was done, and I'm not sure if I did all tax forms I was supposed to do. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Then, on the next to last page, the server of the sight I was using went down. Arrgh! Luckily, I'd been saving all along, but I couldn't finish until today.
Time for a break - I think there is some leftover pie calling my name.


wally said...

Today I ate spaghetti instead of Thanksgiving leftovers. The pie crust, rolls, and dressing all give me heartburn. I eat tums by the handful all evening. I'm wondering if eventually I may have to forego the traditional fare.
By the way if you didn't eat traditional, what did you have? I'm curious.

Envoy-ette said...

Thank goodness for friends! Our family members are far away too. I don't miss it too much...the dog bites anyway!

kilgorsky said...

I love getting overstuffed on pie! Cherry pie, to be exact.