Monday, August 01, 2005

High Cholesterol at age 7

I just got my son's test results back from his yearly physical. His bloodwork shows an elevated cholesterol level- 206 - which I find so hard to fathom. We are not junk food eaters at my house, nor do we eat out that often. Ask my son to choose between a slice of watermelon (or an apple or a peach) and a cookie and he'll choose the fruit every time. Our favorite place to eat out (his choice)- Souper Salad, where you get to choose from many salad items and soups for your meal. When you ask him if he wants to go get fast food, he usually ask if we can stay home instead.

It could be genetics. His father's family has high cholesterol levels on the paternal side. I just found out today that my mother's side isn't that great either. Yet my cholesterol is fine. I don't know about hubby's since he won't call the doctor to get the results from his last blood work (his theory is that they would have called if there was anything wrong).

I feel bad, since he isn't allowed junk food as it is, now we are going to have to focus on those "heart healthy" foods that I thought were for my parent's generation. Anyone have some coupons for Cheerios or Benecol? Looks like we will buying some.


wally said...

Dorothy and I eat the same food yet she has high cholesterol and I have low. Strange.

Envoy-ette said...

My mom was running around with a cholesterol level of 395 for YEARS. (yet she was healthy) They took her off meat for 2 YEARS. She only ate rice, fruit and vegs. It didn't budge...and she had a feeling of weakness. With nothing to lose... she did a diet similar to the sugar and limited carbs. She was able to bring it down to 230...just by dieting. Medication brought it down another 20 points. (but now her liver is at risk from the meds)

My dad had a level of 180. He ate bacon & eggs every morning...and a beef steak for dinner EVERY DAY.

I don't put too much into cholesterol levels in my family. WE seem to be born meat eaters.