Friday, August 26, 2005

Rise and shine?

My started much earlier than normal today. At 4:00am the phone started ringing - it is my next door neighbor saying "it's time" (I wasn't sleeping too soundly since I still haven't gotten that new mattress). She is pregnant with her 3rd child, so one tends to believe her when she says this. She was calling me so that I could watch her children while her husband drove her to the hospital. In the time it took me to dress and walk next door, she decided she would rather have me take her, since her husband was whining about needing "one more hour of sleep, couldn't she wait that long? Since you should try to avoid stress while pregnant and in labor, she rethought her plans and felt he could stay home while I took her, that way in case she didn't get admitted, he wouldn't miss his precious sleep.

The hospital she is delivering at is about a half hour away, and it is off a road that has been under construction for 2 years and will be under construction for at least another 5 years - it is a two lane highway being converted into a seven lane highway. So every time you travel this road, there is a good chance your exit has moved or that it doesn't even exist anymore. We discovered this as we were driving since last week there were 2 exits that lead to the hospital, but this morning there was only one, and I missed it. So with had scenic detour that added an additional 15min, and with a pregnant woman "who, who, ha, haing" next to me, that was a very long 15 min.

We made it to the hospital in plenty of time, and in fact were sent home after being there for 2 1/2 hours (her contractions weren't strong enough - at least the nurse didn't think so. If you asked my friend she would have strongly disagreed).

So we came home just in time for me to get my son on the bus (luckily, my husband could go in late to his work and was to get the boy going and keep him going), go to my PTO board meeting (it was at 2hrs long and counting when I left), and then off to work (on what would normally be my day off) to try to catch up on all the backlogged accounting work. I didn't succeed, but I did get a little bit done.
Thank goodness it is Friday. Of course, I still have to prepare for the baby shower I'm throwing tomorrow for this same neighbor. I had planned on doing the baking tonight, but I going to be so tired. Let's see if people can tell the difference between store bought and homemade ;)


wally said...

What a day! Also, your neighbor's husband made a huge mistake not taking her to the hospital. Things like that pile up in a relationship until one day he'll wonder what happened to his marriage.

Dawn said...

Unfortunately, you are right Wally. They are already piling up quicker than they should be.

Envoy-ette said...

How wonderful this friend could count on you to help her. (and a baby shower too!) Shame on the husband though...although I'm sure he was saying.."told-you-so" since they sent her back home.