Sunday, August 28, 2005

Power outages

Well, I had a very long post going about my baking fiasco from the baby shower (I opted to make everything), which if I do say myself, was quite humorous; then one of the worst things that could possible happen in a bloggers life happened. The power went out. *Sigh*. So frustrating. So now you get this lackluster post. Blame mother nature, she's the one who opted to host a three hour lightening storm outside my door, which made it very difficult for any of us to sleep. Our poor little retention lakes even flooded their banks.*Sigh* So this all you get. Good Sunday to you all.

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kilgorsky said...

Like never before the power went out here three times last week. I was worried about my computer as I had the mainboard fried last month. My computer is quite an artifact and I had difficulties getting one that fitted all the old parts.

Thank you for downloading and reviewing my demo.