Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Selfish being

Over the past few weeks I've complained about my job and how I'm underappreciated and about school hassles. The last few days have woken me to how selfish I am. Obviously with the events of the past few days, my little problems mean nothing. We live in Texas along the gulf coast - the refugees from the hurricane are coming to our state. Tens of thousands of individuals are being relocated from the Superdome stadium to the Astrodome, where they will spend months living. Living with no privacy, no private baths, and no possesions. My son may very well have new classmates this next week, because those who have been displaced have to make Texas their home for the next year, at the very least.
On a more personal level, a friend's daughter has been rediagnosed with brain cancer. She is only 4 and has already been through surgeries and chemo from the last occurance of cancer. Her survival chances are not good. Her parents have to decide whether or not to give her treatment and possibly extend her suffering and she still might not survive or let things just take their own course.
It certainly makes me put things into perspective.


kilgorsky said...

Reading this can really make one think and look at problems we have from a different perspective.

Spit said...

Yes, the sorrows of others can put things into perspective, but I always say that one person's sorrow doesn't lessen the sorrow of another.